• Buy group

    • 2 x Core garden chair wo/arm
    • 4 x Core garden chair w/arm
    • 1 x Core table 210x100 cm incl. teak table top, Taupe, aluminum
  • Core 210 x 100 cmGardentable
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  • Buy group

    • 1 x Avenue XL diningtable base
    • 1 x Table top 190x90 cm, Teak
    • 6 x Newman café chair w/arm
    • 6 x Newport/Newmann seat cushion, taupe
  • Buy group

    • 1 x Edge tableframe 210x100 cm, Stainless steel
    • 1 x Table top + extentions - White
    • 8 x Diamond garden chair
    • 1 x Scatter cushion, Turquoise, pricecategory 4
    • 1 x Outdoor plaid 140x120 cm
  • Buy group

    • 1 x Lansing table base, small, Natural, Cane-line fibre
    • 1 x Table top - Travertine
    • 4 x Brighton garden chair
    • 4 x Brighton cushion set taupe
    • 1 x On-the-move large side table
  • Buy group

    • 1 x Avenue café table base, Anthracite, aluminum
    • 1 x Table top dia. 64 cm, White, high pressure laminate
    • 1 x Newport café chair w/arm

Find your favourite design in our comprehensive outdoor collection. Dining-, café-, side- and removable tables.

Aesthetic and functional garden furniture adds an extra dimension to outdoor living. Would you like your design to be light, clean, pure ? Or would you rather have a piece of furniture that moves the comfort of your living room Outdoors? It is simply a matter of personal choice - comfort and quality.

Our aim is to give you the full benefit of the long and bright summer days. The outdoor living area must meet your need for balancing party, peace and quiet. Cane-line has made maintenance and the right choice easy for you. Imagine the perfect summer setting and you know which model suits you.